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How to Claim Your Piece of the $13 Million Red Bull Settlement

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The energy drink company may owe you some cash.

Dawn Ashley/Flickr

Did drinking Red Bull give you wings? If not, you may be entitled to a piece of the company's newly approved multi-million dollar settlement. Earlier this week, the energy drink juggernaut settled a suit that claimed it had falsely advertised the strength of its products with the slogan "Red Bull gives you wings."

Though the plaintiffs did not actually think they would grow wings, they did claim that the company was misleading consumers about its superiority. Advertisements and company spokespeople claimed that Red Bull would increase "performance, concentration, and reaction speed," though no studies proved that this was a fact. The suit states: "Such deceptive conduct and practices mean that the company's advertising and marketing is not just 'puffery,' but is instead deceptive and fraudulent."

So try to remember: Have you had a Red Bull in the past 12 years? If so, the company owes you $10 to $15 dollars. Register your claim — sans receipt — here.

Update: The settlement is dead.

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