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Johnny Rockets Wants to Sell You a Hot Dog Maker

Also, a grill, CDs, and frozen food.


Johnny Rockets — the 50s themed diner chain best known for its shakes and dancing servers — is launching what it fancies to be a "lifestyle brand." According to Burger Business, the California-based chain will license its name to frozen foods, housewares, small appliances, and more under the name "Johnny Rockets At Home." That means customers can soon expect hip and trendy retro-style items like a "popcorn maker that looks like a jukebox." There may also be a Johnny Rockets-branded hot dog maker (what even is a hot dog maker?), a chili maker (which sounds like a euphemism for a slow cooker), and a ridiculous sounding retro George Foreman-style grill.

James Walker, Johnny Rocket’s chief development officer, tells Burger Business that the chain will also lend its name to music: "Johnny Rockets is a lifestyle brand; we’re known for music. So I think Johnny Rockets-branded CDs featuring different artists, old and new, make a lot of sense." Why the company thinks selling CDs is a great idea in this digital age is a whole different matter. Plus, CDs aren't exactly retro yet: If Johnny Rockets wants any hipster cred, it should be slapping its name on vinyl records (totally on brand) or old school mix-tapes. The chain aims to debut the first batch of goods early next year, though Walker notes that the frozen food line will likely hit the market first.