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Why Chefs Should Get Out of the Kitchen

Author Eric Schlosser believes chefs can have a big impact on social issues.

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

At this year's MAD4 conference, attendees were given a book of essays that were meant to complement the talks and speeches. Author Eric Schlosser — who wrote Fast Food Nation — published a piece about why chefs should "step out of the kitchen." He argues that chefs should speak out on social issues, should "get involved in political causes," and should attempt to change "our current industrial food system."

Schlosser points out that chefs — or people "who prepare food every day for a living" — are perhaps best suited to "pass judgement," evaluate, and change the current food system. He adds that "good food serves as a foundation for other, more important things" like family and justice. To Schlosser, one of the most impactful things a chef can do is take time out of the kitchen and get involved with the "important issues of the day."