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Jet Blue to Serve Passengers Cricket Protein Bars

Peanuts are so five years ago.


Jet Blue is too cool to serve little packets of peanuts and instead wants to feed passengers cricket protein bars on their cross country flights. According to a press release, the airline has teamed up with food and beverage developer AccelFoods to create a snack box available on flights between JFK and LAX. Starting next year, Jet Blue will offer a "rotating roster" of snacks from AccelFoods portfolio that will change on a monthly basis. Snack options include world changing cricket protein bars from Exo, which recently raised $1.2 million in funding. Other possible snack options include items like coconut milk caramels from Cocomels, ready-to-drink lattes from Whynatte, and mushroom tea from Four Sigma Foods.

While Jet Blue is stepping up their inflight snack game, other airlines have turned to celebrity chefs to create menus or have resorted to offering passengers Kentucky Fried Chicken.