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Chipotle to Build 100 School Gardens with Slow Food USA

The burrito chain is putting $500,000 towards the program. That's a lot of burritos.


Chipotle is partnering with Slow Food USA to build and support 100 school gardens across the country. According to a press release, the two companies hope to teach kids "where food comes from and how it is prepared." Chipotle will donate around $500,000 to the cause and, will offer funding to the schools through micro-grants and fundraisers at Chipotle locations.

Local Slow Food USA chapters will provide a "customized curriculum, funding, labor, and other resources to match the needs of the individual schools." The school gardens will be built in 10 metropolitan areas including Boston, Denver, and Phoenix.

Chipotle has a history of partnering with organizations to teach kids about nutrition. Back in 2012 the burrito chain teamed up with Veggie U to distribute gardening kits to school throughout the country to "show kids the importance of nutrition and agriculture."