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Watch Italian Chef Massimo Bottura Hand Feed Jimmy Kimmel

The Michelin-starred chef feeds Kimmel an avant garde bologna sandwich.

Italian chef Massimo Bottura stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live last night to promote his new book Never Trust a Skinny Italian Chef. Instead of doing a cooking demo, Bottura pulled out already-prepared food he had brought with him, causing host Jimmy Kimmel to quip: "This is the first time a chef has every brought recipes so complex and so avant grade he's not even going to bother to try and teach them to us."

First up is a dish called the "memory of a bologna sandwich" (Kimmel: "you guys smoke a lot of weed over there"), which Bottura hand fed to Kimmel. Bottura then makes a dish inspired by the "the crunchy part of lasagna," and for dessert, a broken lemon tart. Go, watch as Bottura gives Kimmel a lesson in whisking.

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