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Jimmy Kimmel Asks: What if Siri Was a Waitress?

The late night show host is frustrated with his Siri.

Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, host Jimmy Kimmel voiced some frustrations about his iPhone's Siri software: "Me and my Siri are not on the same page." To illustrate the point, Kimmel wonders what it would be like if Siri was a real person in a real life situation: "We would not put up with Siri in any other situation in life... I mean imagine what it would be like if Siri was a waitress."

In the skit that follows, a waitress approaches Kimmel at a cafe table and proceeds to take his order. Kimmel orders coffee, and Siri the waitress provides him with information about the nearest coffee shops. When he orders a Coca Cola, Siri gives him the time in Angola, Zaire instead. Watch what happens when Kimmel tries to order a Chicken Caesar Salad.

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