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PepsiCo Launches Artisanal Soda Caleb's Kola

It's made with Fair Trade cane sugar, because of course.


Soda megagiant PepsiCo is attempting to get their hipster on with a new line of craft soda called Caleb's Kola, which has been in development for years. It's named after the inventor of Pepsi, Caleb Bradham. Yes, that's right, the corporation is trying so hard to be kool, they're pulling a Guy Fieri and spelling cola with a "k."

The website — a super hip Tumblr — notes that the soda comes in a 10-ounce glass bottle and is made simply with sparkling water, Fair Trade cane sugar, and kola nut extract. The soda also features a "secret blend of brown spices from around the world," "citrus notes," and the essence of trying a little too hard. Caleb's is available at a handful of Costco locations around the country.