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Woman Puts Faith in God, Lets Customers Name their Own Price

Restaurant owner asks customers pay how much they believe their check is worth.

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One restaurant owner is taking her faith in God to a new level: According to the Gaston Gazzette, Dana Parris — who owns Just Cooking in Dallas, North Carolina — is no longer charging set prices, but is instead leaving the decision of how much to pay "in the hands of her customers and God." Business had slowed over the summer and Parris decided to trust God and to eliminate prices: "The way I could show I was giving God control was to give him control of the cash register."

The move has worked out in Parris' favor. In the first week of the new pricing scheme, Parris says she has "almost tripled" her revenue. While some worry that people will take advantage of Parris, many have paid "a little more" than they normally would.

Parris isn't the first restaurateur to loop religion into her business plan: In July, another restaurant in North Carolina offered a 15 percent discount to those who prayed openly before eating their meal.