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Watch Mario Batali and Jimmy Fallon Speak French, Sauté-Dance, and Make Gazpacho

Little known fact: Mario Batali and Jimmy Fallon share the same birthday, September 19.

Last night, Mario Batali stopped by the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to promote his new book, America: Farm to Table. Questlove joins Fallon and Batali in the kitchen where Batali announces they will be making Spanish food. They start with sangria, which Batali finishes with a heavy handed pour of dark rum. He then serves the drink over watermelon cubes that are meant to stand in for ice cubes and Fallon, delighted, yells: "See! That's why you are a genius!" But then, when Jimmy takes a sip, he barely touches the drink to his lips before wincing. Even Mario looks offended when he tastes his own drink. Later, when Fallon tells Batali that he's getting into gardening and wants to start with raspberries, Batali, dubious, asks, "That's gardening?!" Don't miss the part where Batali leaps and hops around on the stage while sautéing pine nuts.