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Burger King Manager Assaults Customer with Switchblade and Taser

Looks like complaining over cold onion rings is enough to get you physically attacked in New Mexico.

Mike Mozart/Flickr

Apparently Burger King can give you more than heartburn: Burger King customer Robert DeYapp is suing a Bloomfield, New Mexico BK after being allegedly attacked by the fast food restaurant's manager. The New York Daily News reports that it all started when DeYapp asked the manager on duty, Francisco Berrera, to heat up his onion rings. He then overheard the manager speaking to an employee in Spanish saying, "This white boy is mad about his food and he doesn't even know that I'm going to return it and do whatever I want to it, and he'll still eat it..."

Apparently DeYapp understood Berrera's words and demanded a refund. Berrera refused. To make matters worse, the lawsuit states that the manager proceeded to take pictures of the customer and his vehicle before lunging at him while double-fisting a switchblade and a Taser.

After being arrested, Berrera pleaded guilty to felony assault with a deadly weapon. DeYapp was not injured, but NYDN reports that he is seeking "punitive damages for assault, and negligent hiring and training." When reached for a statement, a Burger King spokesman said that the company could not comment on active litigation. It's safe to say DeYapp will not look at an onion ring the same way again.

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