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McDonald's to Unleash Build-Your-Own-Burger Kiosks Across Australia

Big Macs alone are no longer cutting it.


With sales down across all of the company's major markets, McDonald's continues to experiment with new initiatives. Taking a cue from experimental DIY kiosks it currently operates at select locations in Southern California, McDonald's Australia plans to install a series of build-your-own-burger kiosks at locations throughout the small continent. According to Burger Business, the "Create Your Taste" kiosks are stand alone and feature touch screens. Customers will be able to choose toppings for their burgers, and pay at kiosk with a credit card or head to the counter to pay with cash.

Is McDonald's going fast casual?

Custom burgers start at around $8.95 ($7.80 USD) and feature two bun options (brioche, "crusty bun") or a bun-less option. Diners can then add as many patties as they wish for $1 ($.87 USD) each followed by toppings like bacon, an egg, grilled pineapple, mushrooms, sliced beets, barbecue sauce, and chipotle mayo. Then customers can indicate on the kiosk whether or not they are dining in or taking their food to go: If diners choose the former, their food is brought to them on a wooden tray with fries in a metal basket. Is McDonald's going fast casual?

The golden arches is currently testing the system at an outlet in Sydney. McDonald's Australia CEO Andrew Gregory says that the initial reaction has been positive. McDonald's Australia aims to add one of these kiosks to every location in Australia within the next year.

Stateside, McDonald's plans to take its experiments in Southern California into other markets. Will a grilled pineapple-chipotle-mayo-tortilla-strip burger be McDonald's saving grace?