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Photographer Tells Paula Deen: 'Black People Still Love You'

Has the universe gone mad?

Late last week butter queen Paula Deen was stopped by paparazzi at LAX airport — presumably after filming a confusing segment with E! News. While she told a small crowd of fans and photographers how to make her favorite fried chicken, a black photographer approached the disgraced former Food Network star to set the record straight. While holding her hand in his, he said to a smiling Deen, "No matter what happened, black people still love you."

In the clip, captured by TMZ, the self-appointed representative for his race further clarifies to a shyly smiling Deen, "That's right. You still welcome in the 'hood."

When the photographer jokingly asks Deen if she's hiring ("black people"), Deen takes a step back and tries to keep the situation politically correct: "Our team is all flavors." Watch the full clip, below: