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Anheuser-Busch Is Testing a Hands-Free Beer Dispensing System

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This could mean speedier service when buying beer at stadiums.


Anheuser-Busch InBev — one of the world's largest beer companies, with a portfolio of over 200 brands — is experimenting with a new hands-free beer dispensing system. According to a press release, Anheuser-Bush is testing out the I-TAP system at its research and development draught room in St. Louis. The system allows bartenders to pour draft beers hands-free because there is no lever, making it perfect for high volume environments — stadiums, larger bars — where beer is on demand.

I-TAP's website notes that the system allows users to dispense the "perfect pour" through pre-set amounts. Waste is almost entirely eliminated. The I-TAP also uses sensors to monitor everything from the dispenser to the keg, and it can prove real-time reports on the temperature of the beer, level of beer in the keg, and other data points. Anheuser-Busch hopes to use the system to help with "data collection" and to use it as a sales tool to secure "additional customers."

Self-serve beer machines are another innovation in the beer dispensing space: Target Field in Minnesota currently uses self-serve machines. Thirsty baseball fans are allowed to purchase a variety of beers by the ounce for about $.40 per ounce. Go, watch a video (including fun theme music) that demonstrates the I-TAP system, below:

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