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Restaurant Owner Told Employees to Kill a Cute Possum With Bleach

The chef tried to save the animal, and then quit over the incident.

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The chef at a restaurant in Santa Cruz, Calif. quit his job over the weekend after the restaurant's owners tried to force staff to kill a baby opossum. According to ABC 7 News, South Beach Pizza Company's (now former) head chef Dany Pena claims that when he came to work over the weekend, he learned that employees had found a baby opossum in a garbage can. The employees were supposedly asked by the restaurant's owner to kill the opossum "by pouring bleach on it."

Pena says he tried to wash the bleach off of the animal, and then proceeded to quit his job: "The lack of remorse they had about this act of cruelty led me to quit. None of God's creatures should be treated in this manner." Pena then drove the opossum to a animal rescue center, but unfortunately, the opossum died an hour later. CBS notes that the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter is now investigating Pena's claims about the owners of South Beach Pizza Company.

Where is Peta when you need them?

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