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Irate Rally's Customer Assaults Manager When He Isn't Served a Cup of Water

Drive-thru drama. Plus, drug possession.

Nicholas Eckhart/Flickr

When a drive-thru customer at an Akron, Ohio-based Rally's Hamburger restaurant — which is owned by the Checkers chain — was denied a cup of water, he didn't just get angry. He tried to get even. After strong words were exchanged, a Rally's manager approached the window to address the customer, who became irate, got out of his car, and punched the manager in the face. Blows were exchanged and the whole thing was caught on camera and posted to YouTube late last week. Needless to say, YouTube viewers have been shocked at the video.

Meanwhile, the Akron Police Department is grateful: "This is one of those cases where somebody knew what was going to happen. It appeared to be because they were videotaping this incident from the very beginning," Akron Police Lieutenant Rick Edwards told a local news station. The tape doesn't show the suspects' faces clearly, but it does show their actions and the license plate numbers on the car.

Akron police are discouraging customers from resorting to violence. The manager at Rally's — who ultimately punched the angry customer to the ground — will not face any criminal charges. The suspect has not yet been caught, but is also guilty of crack cocaine possession.

If there's a lesson to be learned here it's that crack will make a person both thirsty and angry, and that Rally's doesn't always hand out free cups of water. The more you know.

Check out the local news story, below.

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