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Seattle Barista (Finally) Makes Weed-Infused Coffee

After months of testing, the brew is just right — and now available all season.


Seattle has been teasing out the concept of a marijuana cafe since at least 2012, but now one pipe shop has gone so far as to hire baristas to brew weed-infused bulletproof-style coffee for (at least) the rest of the year. Bulletproof coffee — the buttered brew that health nuts, tech CEOs, and avid coffee drinkers swear by — is an ideal way to add America's favorite downer to hot coffee. Baristas are simply infusing bud into melted butter and then adding that to hot pour-over coffee.

Trichome, a cannabis lifestyle shop in Seattle's International District, has been experimenting with a cold-brewed coffee infused with weed since this Spring. Months of experimentation led to the new bulletproof style. Sprudge reports that the shop is operating in a sort of grey area, legally speaking, as they do not have a retail license to sell pot. In order to taste some of the special coffee, patrons must attend one of the shop's private events; entry into each tasting is $10.

And how does it taste? Quote: "There was no cannabis flavor in the final brew, but after about 20 minutes we were feeling it."