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Obama Ate Some 'Devilish' Cake For Halloween

Why eat candy corn when you can eat chocolate cake?

Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Images

How does the leader of the free world celebrate Halloween? By eating a ton of chocolate cake. According to the Hill, President Obama made an unannounced pit stop at Gregg's Restaurant & Pub in Providence, Rhode Island after giving a speech. He apparently walked up to the counter and declared, "The word is that the chocolate-layer cake here is deadly and it's devilish, and so for Halloween, this is the kind of sin that we want to commit." Whatever you say, Mr. President.

He is forgiven for his awful cake-related dad joke, though, because it turns out that he is a great tipper: Obama left a $20 tip on his $38.99 cake purchase. This time, it appears his credit card wasn't rejected.

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