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Man Allegedly Robs Subway Restaurants After His 'Subway Diet' Failed

The suspect told police he didn't lose weight and wanted his money back.


A man in Alabama has been arrested for robbing at least one Birmingham-area Subway location, and according to police, he had a very specific motive for the crimes. Police chief Chuck Hagler tells Reuters that the 18-year-old suspect admitted to committing armed robbery, and that "he had been on the 'Subway Diet' and it had not worked for him and he felt like he wanted his money back." (The diet, also known as the "Jared Diet" for its spokesperson, purports to help diners lose weight by eating nothing but Subway sandwiches.) The man is also the main suspect in three other local Subway restaurant robberies, and he's currently being held with a $250,000 bond — or 50,000 $5 footlongs.