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Japanese Pop-Up Restaurant Will Only Serve Hello Kitty-Shaped Foods

There will be cakes, sandwiches, and even lattes made to look like the iconic cartoon character.


Japan is getting its very own pop-up Hello Kitty-themed cafe in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the beloved cartoon character. According to the cafe's website (translated), the restaurant — simply called Hello Kitty Cafe — will open within a location of a Parco department store in Tokyo for a limited time.

Hungry Hello Kitty obsessives will flip out over the selection of Hello Kitty-shaped dishes on the menu. Diners can order items like an adorable Hello Kitty-shaped turkey sandwich, an apple pie featuring a Hello Kitty-shaped crust, and a Hello Kitty-shaped mousse cake. Even the drinks are Hello Kitty-themed: There are lattes featuring Hello Kitty foam art, complete with the character's signature pink bow, and the cafe will also serve two kinds of Hello Kitty wine.

Japan isn't the only country getting into the Hello Kitty-themed food craze: Los Angeles restaurant Plan Check is currently selling a Hello Kitty-themed bento box that includes a hamburger with pink dash cheese and a green tea latte powdered with Hello Kitty's likeness. The Hello Kitty Cafe will be open from November 14 to December 25. Check out some of the dishes below: