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Dallas Restaurant Critic Leslie Brenner Ditches Anonymity

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The Dallas Morning News critic unmasks herself, ending the "ridiculous ritual" of pretending to be anonymous.

Dallas Morning News restaurant critic/dining editor Leslie Brenner has voluntarily decided to go un-anonymous, revealing her face after years of anonymous reviews. In a post (and accompanying video) on DMN, Brenner says she's been recognized by restaurant owners with "increasing frequency" over the years, and has decided to end the "ridiculous ritual" of pretending to dine unnoticed. "I'm dropping the ritual," Brenner writes. "It's dated. And it's a distraction." Brenner notes it's unfair that savvy restaurant owners know her appearance but readers do not, calling the unmasking an opportunity to better connect with DMN readers.

In the video Q&A, Brenner says she believes "restaurant critics being recognized pre-dates the internet... but at this point, with Twitter and Facebook and iPhone pictures... I think it's a profession that's evolving." Brenner acknowledges New York Magazine critic Adam Platt, who abandoned his anonymity in January of this year. Head over to the Dallas Morning News for a clearer photo of Brenner, and do watch the video below:

Video: Meet Restaurant Critic Leslie Brenner