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Burger King India Has the Greatest Whopper Selection Ever

The chain will sling vegetable, chicken, and lamb versions when it opens next month.

Burger King India/Facebook

Burger King is opening its first locations in India next month, and with it they will offer three new takes on their signature Whopper sandwich. According to the Wall Street Journal, the chain will start slinging multiple beef-free versions of its famous burger, "keeping in mind religious practices of Hindus" who do not eat beef. Customers will be able to purchase Chicken Whoppers, Mutton Whoppers, and even Vegetable Whoppers.

Burger King will not reveal how many locations it plans to open in India, but local papers hint that the chain will open at least 12 outlets, the first of which will open in New Delhi.

Burger King is entreating the Indian market relatively late: McDonald's has been in India since 1996. Other chains including Pizza Hut, Fat Burger, KFC, and Taco Bell also all have Indian locations. All of the restaurants have adapted their menu to match local tastes and religious beliefs, even though India is going through a bit of a hamburger boom.

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