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Chicago Restaurant Dresses Up as 'That Trendy Restaurant' for Halloween

... with hilarious results.

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Last year, Chicago restaurant Real Kitchen "dressed up as" acclaimed restaurant Alinea for Halloween, gently lampooning Grant Achatz and Nick Kokonas's "exquisite fine dining cuisine." This year, it continues the tradition with a costume titled "That Trendy Restaurant That Just Opened," and the accompanying video outlines the transformation into a restaurant called Veritable & the Scullery step by step: The costume includes a "mid-level line cook already a chef," a 200-ingredient 12-drink menu, and a signature dish called "Flavors of a Chicago fall" (it includes foraged Pringles and Skittles, and would be equally at home at this fake trendy restaurant).

And there's this: "To complete the uniform, we took the money that we were going to spend on comfortable and functionally useful chairs and procured some blacksmithing aprons from the 1400s. Because they look pretty cool." Go, watch the costume unfold.