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Restaurant Manager Linked to Cocaine Ring

He managed a "pan-American" restaurant in Syracuse, New York.

The Mission Restaurant/Facebook

The manager of the Mission Restaurant in Syracuse, New York has allegedly been supplementing his income by selling cocaine. According to the Post-Standard, Matthew Kendall was arraigned today on a conspiracy charge related to a cocaine ring. He was implicated alongside nine others and is being accused of intent to perform a Class B felony.

The owners of the restaurant he worked at suspected nothing and had "no idea Kendall was in trouble" until Kendall called them around the time of his arrest. Owner Steve Morrison tells the paper, "This is all news to me... It didn't have anything to do with the restaurant."

Cocaine crimes in the restaurant world aren't that uncommon: Last year, police arrested a Papa John's deliveryman for allegedly selling cocaine out of pizza boxes. He apparently sold nearly $27,500 worth of cocaine by hiding it in a bag with pizza and chicken nuggets.

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