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Alton Brown's Nine New Favorite Restaurants in Wichita

“I want to thank Wichita for the seven pounds I’ve gained in the last 24 hours… I’ve eaten and eaten and eaten.”

David Allen

Food Network host and bow tie aficionado Alton Brown is currently traversing the country as part of his Edible Inevitable Tour and is eating all kinds of delicious things along the way. The 40-city tour has already taken him to New Orleans where he ate the famed beignets at Cafe Du Monde, a muffuletta at Central Grocery, and a shrimp po' boy at Parkway. Brown also stopped in Dallas where he ordered an impressive barbecue spread from Pecan Lodge, indulged in a lot of pie at Emporium Pies, and ate many, many tacos.

The TV star just wrapped up a two-day stay in Wichita, Kansas where he managed to eat an impressive amount of meals. According to the Wichita Eagle, Brown told the crowd during his show, "I want to thank Wichita for the seven pounds I've gained in the last 24 hours... I've eaten and eaten and eaten." Checkout the nine place Brown ate at in Wichita below:

1) Espresso to Go Go for coffee.

2) Old Mill Tasty Shop for a chocolate malted shake.

3) Little Saigon for a banh mi.

4) Riverside Cafe for chicken fried steak and "a lot of pie."

5) Reverie Coffee Roasters, not once, but three times.

6) Donut Whole for powdered sugar doughnuts.

7) Tanya's Soup Kitchen for a bowl of tomato bisque.

8) Public at the Brickyard for sliders, wings, and "homemade" potato chips.

9) Nifty Nuthouse, where he "sampled everything."