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Latest Ebola Victim Was Treated to KFC While Under Quarantine

Finger lickin' good times.

Mike Mozart/Flickr

In New Jersey, persons returning from Ebola-plagued West Africa are immediately placed under quarantine and fed KFC. According to NJ governor Chris Christie, those under quarantine are provided "takeout food from the best restaurants in Newark." In other words, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal, they're given buckets of fried chicken from the KFC across the street from the hospital.

When Kaci Hickox, a nurse from Maine that recently visited West Africa to assist Ebola victims, returned to the states, she was placed in quarantine. Her treatment has been criticized by politicians and the public, but governor Christie has steadily been dismissing those concerns. After all, it was America's favorite fried chicken, KFC, that kept nurse Hickox nourished while she camped out in a tent inside University Hospital in Newark.

At least those under quarantine aren't forced to eat hospital food.

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