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Starbucks Free Drink Record Now Set at $83.75

The "mega" latte included 101 shots of espresso.


A Florida man has set the new record for ordering the most expensive free drink at Starbucks ever. According to Today, on Wednesday William Lewis asked for a "mega" latte that featured 101 shots of espresso. Lewis brought his own 160-ounce novelty mug into the store and ordered a grande latte with 99 extra shots of espresso and 17 pumps of vanilla syrup which totaled out to $83.75 and nearly 7,500 milligrams of caffeine. Lewis did not have to pay however thanks to a free drink coupon from his participation in the Starbucks' loyalty program.

He then shared the latte with three of his friends, though the coffee was poured into "normal-sized Starbucks cups for each to drink from." Lewis apparently did it just for laughs: One of his friend's explains that "it's like pulling up to McDonald's drive-thru and saying, 'give me 600 hamburgers.'"

A spokesperson for Starbucks — which has a policy stating that drink creations should not be larger than 20 ounces for hot drinks — tells Today that Lewis' drink was "naturally against our policy" and recommended that no one drinks a coffee that big.

It appears as if Florida residents have a penchant for breaking the Starbucks record: In July, a Florida woman set the previous Starbucks free drink record by ordering a Frappuccino featuring 60 shots of espresso and a whole slew of sauces and drizzles that added up to $60.58.