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Restaurant Surprises Dining Room of Guests with a Free Dinner

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The occasion? The restaurant's 13th anniversary.

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Boca Restaurant

This past Wednesday night, 200 people got a surprise free dinner at Boca restaurant in Cincinnati, Ohio. reports that on the eve of the restaurant's 13th year, the dining room was full. Tables of two, four, and six all thought they were having their own typical night out. Guests told the local newspaper that they had no idea that the restaurant was about to celebrate by buying everyone dinner.

Explained Sebastien Hue of Boca Restaurant Group: "It was just a give back. We've been humbled and inspired that we've made it this far, and wanted to make a gesture to thank people. It was fun to see, especially the new people who'd never been here before."

Rather than a bill at the end of their meal, diners were surprised with a note that said, "Today marks thirteen wonderful years. Thank you for being a part of our story."

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