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Amy's Baking Co. Owners Are Now Accusing Gordon Ramsay of Sexual Harassment

Crazy restaurateurs Samy and Amy Bouzaglo from Amy's Baking Co. are in the news again: This time, they're accusing former mentor/shouty chef Gordon Ramsay of sexual misconduct.

The notorious Bouzaglos are making headlines again and, as per usual, it's not for knowing their way around a kitchen. In the latest chapter of the Amy's Baking Company vs. Gordon Ramsay saga, Samy Bouzaglo has accused the Kitchen Nightmares host of sexual misconduct, saying: "The only thing that pissed me off is when he sexually harassed my wife in the kitchen."

Clearly using the alleged incident as justification for the couple's nightmarish behavior on (and after) the show, Samy says: "That is why I went crazy on him. It's the only reason." When prompted for more details about the incident, Bouzaglo refused to elaborate and insisted that he only wants to move forward with his restaurant. Are these two truly delusional, or could this all be an elaborate round of publicity for their rumored reality show? See the news clip, below: