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Shake Shack Opens Second Location in Moscow

Despite Russian sanctions, Danny Meyer's burger chain is forging ahead with world domination.

Shake Shack/Facebook

Exciting news on the Shake Shack front: A second location of Danny Meyer's IPO-ready burger chain has opened today in Russia. The company confirmed via email that another Shake Shack is now serving inside Moscow's Metropolis Shopping Center. Shake Shack Moscow serves a similar menu to its sister restaurants in the U.S.: primarily Shake burgers, fries, and frozen treats. Two of its shakes are unique to the new Moscow location: a banana cream crunch shake, and one called a "Shackopolis" with chocolate custard, peanut butter, chocolate fudge, and salty peanuts.

In the past few months, in response to political moves from the West, Russia's government has taken a serious stance against Western businesses. Inspectors have so far shut down 12 McDonald's locations, citing poor sanitary conditions. Meanwhile, Shake Shack Moscow remains open. In a strategic move, the Russian operation has recently lowered their menu prices, thereby appealing to a Russian public that's feeling the price squeeze of Western sanctions. Eater's chief critic and data lead Ryan Sutton confirms in a new report that a meal at Shake Shack Russia is lower than a meal at Shake Shack anywhere else.

Shake Shack's first Moscow location opened last December. There are now 56 shacks across the globe with more on the way.