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Watch a Dramatic Preview of Fox's World's Best Chefs

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Aside from the melodramatic hostess, the Fox-produced series actually looks quite fascinating.

Though it's unclear if Fox Spain's World's Best Chefs will air in the U.S., this preview clip is convincing proof that the show's title is not hyperbole. Host and chef Katie Button (Curate and The Nightbell, Asheville, NC) introduces the audience to a dizzying number of Michelin-starred chefs: Ferran Adrià, Alex Atela, Joan Roca, Juan Mari Arzak, José Andrés, Gastón Acurio, Grant Achatz, Michel Bras, Daniel Humm, and half a dozen other famous names who farm, forage, sauté, and serve in restaurants around the world. Lucky Ms. Button gets to go behind the scenes and not only taste their creations — she also gets to help make them.

Quote: "These notoriously private and elusive culinary pioneers have agreed to open their doors, giving me an insight into how they are able to create the kind of food that challenges the mind, the body, and the senses." All the while, a sensational, John Williams-style score plays in the background. If the preview is any indication, this series will encompass a high level of culinary talent and may provide inspiration for viewers, whether they work in professional kitchens or not.

Someone, somewhere, please bring it to America.

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