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Paula Deen Is Still Apologetic and Very Confused

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The butter queen takes to E! News to talk, again, about the power of words. Then, she smells her shoes.

Former Food Network personality/racist butter queen Paula Deen and her son Bobbypopped into the studios of E! News last night. Deen is making the media rounds to promote the launch of her new Paula Deen Network, a digital platform available for a subscription fee of $9.99 per month. The undertone of Deen's media push is one of penance. After she admitted to using racist remarks in front of employees about a year ago, Deen is still trying to rebuild the empire she watched crumble around her even after the lawsuit was dismissed.

On E!, Deen acknowledges with a dismissive tone that she did make racist remarks — "30 years ago, yes —" and then launches into her a(nother) speech about the power of words: "They can be very powerful, and they can hurt, no matter how old they are." On the letters of support she has received, Deen says: "I called some of those people, and they thought I was pranking them." Finally, Paula Deen confirms that she wears shoes that smell like cinnamon spice. See the full clip, below: