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Eat Dinner in a Working Ferris Wheel

Betty Danger's in Minneapolis is taking restaurant dining to new heights.

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A soon-to-open restaurant in Minneapolis wants to literally sweep customers off of their feet. According to CBS, Betty Danger's Country Club has installed a 60-foot "ferris wheel" out front. Diners sitting in the ferris wheel will be given a "bird's eye view of all of Minneapolis." And even though the restaurant is opening in November, a spokesperson for the restaurant notes that the wheel "will rotate through the winter": "This is a year round restaurant... as long as the wheel can move, it will be moving."

It's a vertically revolving patio.

But don't call it a ferris wheel: A spokesperson for the restaurant insists that it's an "art installation of a mechanical tree." Don't call it a carnival ride, either: The spokesperson notes that it is "not intended to be a ride per se... It's a vertically revolving patio."

Betty Danger's is far from the first restaurant to offer diners a meal up in the air: In September, pop-up restaurant London in the Sky set up shop in London and offered adventurous customers a chance to enjoy a meal while strapped into a table suspended from a crane 100 feet in the air.

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