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Restaurant Reservation App Resy Plans LA Launch

Will restaurant-obsessed Angelenos buy into the pay-to-play reservation wars?

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Resy, the mobile app from Eater co-founder Ben Leventhal and Gary Vaynerchuk (founder of, today announced that it would be branching out of New York City and making its way into the LA market. Per an announcement, the application will launch in Los Angeles within the next "few weeks."

When Resy hit New York City's tempestuous dining scene earlier this year it quickly enflamed passions among diners, journalists, and restaurateurs. Though Resy appears to have attracted a number of regular users, questions linger: Should restaurants give a mobile application permission to sell highly-coveted reservations? Why would a table at a hot restaurant be for sale at all? Is this another system that favors those who can afford to pay a little extra over those who cannot? Resy isn't the only application to offer this service, though it was among the first to play in this new profit-sharing playground.

Now, there's a new question to ask: Will high-rolling Angelenos buy into the pay-to-play reservation wars? Certainly Hollywood's power players may be interested in getting in on the action. But does Los Angeles have enough sought after tables to sustain the service? Time will tell.