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Watch Jimmy Kimmel Make a Dirt Cake With YouTube Star Auntie Fee

Ingredients include gummy worms, crushed Oreos, and plenty of cursing.

Inexplicably viral YouTube sensation Auntie Fee — who is known for her cursing tirades — stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live yesterday with her son Tavis to make a Halloween treat. Dressed in a "fat cat" costume, Fee attempts to teach host Jimmy Kimmel how to concoct a "graveyard" dirt cake, complete with gummy worms, red frosting, and crushed Oreos ("sprinkle them all around like it's fertilizer or something.")

The cake even has cookie "tombstones." Kimmel makes ones for his cousin Sal and his show's band leader and Fee makes ones for her nephew Risky ("he paints and sells dope") and for Slap-a-dog ("the neighborhood crackhead") before hilariously yelling at Kimmel for eating his cake wrong.