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Only In Louisiana

It’s a place just south of the South, where the Mississippi River ends and Sportsman’s Paradise begins. It’s where you can shake your boudin at breakfast, enjoy jambalaya in the Atchafalaya and dance it off in the place where Jelly rolled, Lead Belly strolled and Satch got Mo. It’s home to redfish, white alligators and blue dogs. It’s a place where the clocks tick in three-quarter time, parades are not spectator sports and architecture is performance art. It’s the only state that’s shaped like a boot, because it’s a great place to get your kicks. It’s where people know that stories are the best souvenirs, and where having a real good time starts with being real. In Louisiana the arts are alive and kicking—especially the art of living. So come for a visit, and see what else you will find Only in Louisiana.