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Company Gets Employees to Complete Tasks by Bribing Them With Beer

Dispensed from a fancy beer machine, no less.


One ad agency has figured out the best way to motivate employees to do mundane tasks — with beer. According KARE 11, Minneapolis-based firm Colle + McVoy gives workers who fill out their time cards on time a free glass of beer. The agency is home to the Tapserver — a high-tech beer machine — that dispenses a decent range of local beers (ones chef David Chang would probably not approve of). The system rewards employees who fill out their time cards in an appropriately tech-y way: The employee scans their key card,  the computer confirms they've completed the task, and beer is dispensed.

It's a total win-win situation for the employees: Not only do they get paid on time, they get beer. The agency notes that (unsurprisingly) the rate of time card completion is up nearly 90%. Go watch the local news story:

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