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Watch a Short Documentary About Appalachia's Underground Salt Mines

Where do you source salt in West Virginia? From an ancient ocean 350 feet underground.

Here's a lovely short film by FoodieTV that documents two salt-makers in an unlikely location: Kanawha Valley, West Virginia, where a burgeoning salt industry prematurely dried up in the early 19th century. Siblings Nancy Bruns and Lewis Payne are working to revive a family tradition, sourcing salt from a 350-foot-deep ancient ocean in the valley and using the "same brine" that's been passed down for generations.

"I want it to be a product of mother nature. I wanted it to shine like it wanted to shine," says Bruns of the final product, which flakes into beautiful cubes. "People are excited to know that it's revived and they have little piece of that history, too. It's not just our history. It's a shared history." Go, watch.

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