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Portlandia Stars Reveal All the Ways You're Drinking Coffee Wrong

Ordering coffee in Portland is very, very serious.

In this special Portlandia edition of the Cooking Channel series "You're Eating It Wrong," Portlandia stars Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein, filming on-location at Portland's Oblique Coffee Roasters, very gently point out all the ways you're drinking coffee incorrectly. In the video, the duo offer some deadpan pro-tips about everything from ordering to tipping to laptop squatting. "There's a seriousness, and there's a certain amount of composure you need to have," Brownstein says about ordering at the counter. "You need to go in with the graveness and seriousness of a court date."

Armisen also deftly demonstrates the appropriate body language for a serious coffee-talk conservation. Slamming down the cup onto a coaster, he advises: "Cup down is when you've gotta make your point." Go, watch the coffee drinking tips above.