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Aldi Tries, Fails to Sell Caviar Under 'Beluga' Label

Aldi, the German discount supermarket chain, is changing the name of its non-Beluga discount caviar.

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Bargain supermarket chain Aldi has decide to rename its "Beluga" caviar. According to the Telegraph, Aldi is dropping "Beluga" from the name because numerous "food experts complained that it did not meet the requirements" necessary to share the name of the popular delicacy. The chain announced last month that it would be selling "Beluga" caviar starting December 19 at just £10 ($16 USD) for 20 grams. The caviar typically retails for around £215 ($348 USD) per 100 grams which works out to £42 ($68 USD) for 20 grams.

According to the World Health Organization's standards, to be considered Beluga caviar the roe must come from Huso huso sturgeon — a critically endangered species — hence, the reason the caviar comes with a hefty price tag. However, the caviar Aldi has been selling does not come from Huso huso. Instead the chain sources their caviar from a combination of river sturgeon and Amur sturgeon.

A rep for the grocery store told the Telegraph that the chain will now call the product "Specially Selected Caviar" and that the packing will "clearly state" the caviar's source. While it might not be Beluga caviar, Aldi's stuff might come in handy when you feel like taking a caviar bath.

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