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Empire Brewing Co. Insists Strikes Bock Beer Is a 'Parody'

The production company behind Star Wars has taken issue with the brewery's Strike Bock beer.

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The beer wars in a galaxy not so far, far away wage on: Empire Brewing Company has released a video in response to Lucasfilm's objections to the brewery's Strikes Bock beer. Last week, Lucasfilm — the production company behind the Star Wars franchise — filed an opposing motion to Empire Brewing Co.'s trademark application, citing that the beer's name could cause "confusion among consumers."

Empire Brewing Co. owner David Katleski explains in the video that the beer was created to "simply pay homage" to the film, The Empire Strikes Back, "as many have done before." Katleski adds that he hopes that Lucasfilm will recognize the Strikes Bock beer as a parody, which he considers to be the "sincerest form of flattery." He then asks his director of brewing operations Tim Butler if he has anything to add, to which Butler just imitates Star Wars character Chewbacca. Go, watch the video below:

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