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Taco Bell's New App Launches With Mobile Ordering and Unlimited Menu Customization

It's a first for a national quick service restaurant. And signals Taco Bell's next move: to double sales and open 2,000 new locations within the next eight years.

Hours after blacking out their social and online presence — a risky stunt that proved successful — Taco Bell released its new and highly improved mobile app. In a first for a national fast food chain, Taco Bell's new app offers users the ability to pre-order their food directly from the app and pay for it, all without waiting in line. The app also allows users in line or in the drive-thru queue to pay for their food via the app — no credit card swipe required.

In a move sure to surprise competitors, the app offers unlimited menu customization options. Users can, for the first time, build their own unique creations using dozens of ingredients. According to a release, the app "gives consumers complete access to every Taco Bell ingredient to create what they want, when they want it." Further, Taco Bell's new app "supports the brand's commitment to reach its goal to double revenue to $14 billion and add 2,000 locations over the next eight years."

As Taco Bell's social media black out suggested, its new app incorporates a social angle. Users can connect with each other directly inside the app. Fans can send e-gifts to friends, and take advantage of app-only discounts. A Taco Bell freeze, for example, is now only $1 in the app; it's nearly twice as much when ordered at a Taco Bell counter.

The app offers unlimited menu customization options.

The app also remembers each unique users' order history, making it easy for users to reorder meals simply by rotating their device. This feature is trademarked and called "Rotate to Reorder." Upon rotating, a list of the users' favorite menu items or history of orders appears.

"Decades ago, your car keys were the ticket to convenience at the drive-thru. Today as food culture changes and generations grow up with smart phones, our customers seek restaurant experiences that fit their lifestyle," said Brian Niccol, president of Taco Bell Corp. in a release.

Taco Bell's new app is available now in the App Store and on Google Play.

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