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Here's the Cover of Lucky Peach #13: Feel the Joy

The 2014 holiday issue hits newsstands on November 13.

Here now, the cover of Lucky Peach's thirteenth issue, which arrives just in time for holiday baking season. Appropriately, it is titled "Feel the Joy" and features an amusing cover in which Christmas cookies wave good-bye to each other as a white-gloved hand presumably Santa's) picks a cookie off the table.

According to a description, "this issue's educational." Anthony Bourdain returns with a piece of fiction. There's some "real advice on how not to ruin a turkey dinner (hint: two turkeys)," and Peter Meehan indulges in a "traditional Christmas Eve Feast of the One Fishes" — lobster rolls.

There's a piece on celebrating Christmas in India, which is "home of some of the world's oldest Christian communities," and another on a sweets shop in London. In Indonesia, we learn that "celebrations are marked by gunangans (food mountains)." Don't miss the doughnut story from Jessica Lamb-Shapiro or the comic by Michael DeForgeWant to know what happens when you overeat? Want plans for building a gingerbread mansion? All of this and more awaits in what may be the most fascinating issue of Lucky Peach to date.

Lucky Peach #13 hits newsstands and mailboxes on or around November 13.

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