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Watch How City Bakery Makes Its Cult-Favorite Pretzel Croissant

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The 48-hour process is condensed into two-and-a-half minutes of glutenous goodness.

The New Yorker's annual food issue hit newsstands this week, and thankfully, all the content is available online — along with some things you won't find in the print version, such as this video on the beloved pretzel croissant from New York institution City Bakery (it even has its very own website,, on which it's compared to a unicorn). According to the accompanying article, the pastry hybrid was born when bakery owner Maury Rubin collided with a German graphic designer who wanted to launch a pretzel business. As Rubin explains in the video, the pretzel croissant is made with a very traditional, 48-hour method that subjects the dough to "medieval flogging" before it finally gets a trip through the oven.