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Dunkin' Donuts Insists Their Croissant Donut is Not a Cronut Knockoff

The doughnut and coffee giant refuses to give credit where credit is due.

It's not a Cronut, okay?
It's not a Cronut, okay?
Dunkin' Donuts

More than a year after the hysteria-inducing hybrid pastry's debut, Cronut impostors are still popping up left and right: Late adopters Dunkin' Donuts are jumping on the bandwagon with the debut of their "Croissant Donut," a limited-time-only offering slated to hit stores nationwide on November 3.

Incredibly, the chain insists they're not copying Cronut creator and trademark owner Dominique Ansel. According to the Associated Press, Dunkin's president of global marketing and innovation claimed in a phone interview "that bakers around the country have been mixing doughnuts and croissants for at least 20 years." (Also, Dunkin's executive chef went on record as saying he prefers their version to Ansel's, so there's that.) Ansel has yet to publicly comment on Dunkin's plans.

Unlike the original Cronut, Dunkin's version won't have any cream filling, instead relying on the same traditional glaze as their doughnuts. It's also not their first attempt at a Cronut knockoff; last summer, the chain debuted a "New York Pie Donut" that looked suspiciously Cronut-like in select South Korea stores.

At $2.49 a pop, how many Cronuts — err, "Croissant Donuts" — will Dunkin' Donuts need to sell to pull itself out of a recent sales slump?