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Oprah Brings Her Own Truffles to Dinner

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First, she hunts for her own truffles. Then, she brings them to dinner, because the restaurant's truffles may not past muster.

Oprah may as well sleep on a bed of white truffles from October through December. News of the lifestyle queen's love for the rare and pricey fungi has lately been feeding hungry celebrity gossip sites, and today the New York Post confirmed that Winfrey, who's estimated worth tops $2.8 billion, travels with truffles. Just after accidentally driving over a woman's foot, Winfrey had been dining at Prime 112, a steak house in Miami Beach.

She was with BFF and fellow truffle hunter Gayle King when she ordered a Kobe burger, "before bringing out her own truffle and asking the chef to shave it over her meal."

Oprah: Television empire queen. Billionaire. Everyone's best friend. Truffle fiend.

Video: Why are white truffles so expensive?

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