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North End Grill's Sticky Bun Sundae Tastes Like a Turbo-Charged Cinnabon

Welcome back to Consumed, a new video series in which Editorial Producer Kat Odell combs Manhattan and the surrounding areas for one-of-a-kind eats and drinks.

Danny Meyer's North End Grill, a New American restaurant in Battery Park City, has a secret. And that secret is pastry chef Tracy Obolsky, who is responsible for the restaurant's excellent array of playful sweets. Crowning North End Grill's dessert list is Obolsky's newest addition, a sticky bun ice cream sundae. Ice cream made from puréed sticky buns is layered with nuts, whipped cream, and caramel. Flavor-wise, it's like Cinnabon on crack. Watch.

North End Grill

104 North End Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10282 (646) 747-1600 Visit Website