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Watch Jim Carrey Sing Passionately About Pecan Pie

It was Saturday Night Live's Halloween special, but Carrey decided to sing about a Thanksgiving dessert.

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Comedian Jim Carrey hosted Saturday Night Live this past weekend and, as part of its annual Halloween special, Carrey dressed up for the show opener. The former SNL cast member donned a Las Vegas-style Elvis suit and devil horns, a costume he christened Helvis: "Everybody knows Helvis went to heaven, but while he was here he liked to raise a little hell."

Carrey follows the introduction with a rousing rendition of his Pecan Pie song: "Man cannot live on fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches alone... I mean, what about dessert? Well it's late at night, and I'm a hungry man... feeling kinda empty down in my soul, jelly in my belly starts to rock and roll... I love a pecan pie..." Go watch Carrey curl his lips and sway his hips in the name of pecan pie.

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