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UPDATE: FBI Raid Temporarily Shutters Restaurants in Chicago

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Several notable restaurants, including Lao Sze Chuan in the city's Chinatown neighborhood, temporarily closed because of an FBI investigation.


Earlier today, FBI agents stormed into several restaurants in Chicago's Chinatown neighborhood. ABC news reports that the raid is "part of an ongoing investigation," according to a bureau media representative. Photographs of this morning's scene showed restaurant owners hiding from cameras and being questioned by FBI officials. Agents have warrants to search the buildings, but have not made any arrests. The IRS and Chicago Police Department are both also on the scene.

Lao Sze Chuan confirmed to ABC news that they had been closed due to the FBI's activity, and other restaurants in the neighborhood posted signs in their window announcing their indefinite closure.

UPDATE: The Chicago Tribune reports that many restaurants searched by FBI agents earlier today have re-opened for business, and at least three of the restaurants temporarily closed (including Lao Sze Chaun) are owned by prominent chef Tony Hu. Although Hu's manager told the Tribune that "all" of Hu's 10 restaurants were targeted, Hu himself was unsure of the actual number when speaking to the reporter. It appears that all Hu restaurants, with the exception of one, are now re-open. Neither authorities or Hu would comment on the reason for the search warrants and no arrests have been made. More as it becomes available.

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