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Surprise! Chef Gavin Kaysen Changed the Name of His Restaurant

Too many other restaurants were called Merchant.

Spoon and Stable

Chef Gavin Kaysen has changed the name of his forthcoming Minneapolis restaurant from Merchant to Spoon and Stable. In a video on the restaurant's website, Kaysen explains the decision to change names a month before the restaurant is slated to open: While it was under construction, the chef noticed that there were a lot of other restaurants called Merchant. So he called up his advisors and asked, "What do you think if we change the name? Will it affect us?" To which he a received a "resounding ‘No.'"

Kaysen then looked at the space of his upcoming restaurant for inspiration: The building was once a horse stable when it was built back in 1906. Coupled with his now famous tendency to steal spoons — which will also factor into the decor of the restaurant — Kaysen came up with Spoon and Stable. Plus, he adds, spoons are the "one tool" he can't live without. Spoon and Stable is slated to open next month.